Inauguration, finally

this post is much delayed, but I've been plugging out bits and pieces of it since the 20th, pretty much.

So yeah. The Inauguration. I was there! And so were a lot of other people. like. A lot. More people than I'd ever seen before in my life. More people than I knew existed. EVERYWHERE. PEOPLE EVERYWHERE.

My school hired a couple buses, and through the sponsoring of a few different groups on campus, bus tickets were only $15, from NY to DC. The bus took us to a metro station in Maryland, we were handed a map, and told to be back to Maryland by 6pm that evening. This was at aprox 3:30am, by the way. We'd gotten on the bus at 8pm the night before.

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The thing that is most noteworthy to me, though, was how happy the crowd was. Of course there were some assholes, but in general, everyone was just so helpful and happy to be there and just charged. I've never been in an environment like it. It was really and truly incredible.

So yeah. My journey, haha. Truly awesome, in the classical sense of the term.

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